Cheryl has performed in a variety of configurations. Here is a list of the more common configurations:


Cheryl's solo concerts are legendary, and unlike any folk music / singer-songwriter concert you have ever attended.

With Kenny White

Kenny has a long history of performing in New York for commercial work with musicians such as Livingston Taylor, Jonathan Edwards, Marc Cohn, Shawn Colvin, Peter Wolf and Keith Richards.

Kenny and Cheryl have known each other for years. Even before Kenny started a solo performing career, he would often appear with Cheryl, accompanying her on the piano and signing backup harmonies.

If desired, Kenny can also be an opening act for Cheryl, and then return to perform with her.

In the Round

Cheryl has performed for years as part of "On A Winters Night" (and "On a Summer's Night") with other artists such as John Gorka, Christine Lavin, Cliff Eberhardt, Patty Larkin, and David Wilcox.

Cheryl has also performed as part of Christine Lavin's "Four Bitchin' Babes" concerts, and with groups of songwriters at various folk festivals.

Shared Concert

Cheryl has performed with each performer on stage half the show, or as on-stage collaborations

Cheryl has performed with such artists as: