This page attempts to answer the questions most asked of me. This is a good place to start if you have a question.

Where can I find tabs, chords, sheet music?

You can get them from if you want to hear the way the songs are played on her album "Different Stripe". You can also download some here if you are interested in learning how she plays them when she performs them live.

Where can I find Cheryl's albums?

Go to the More ... section. There is a page devoted to just that question.

What was that song I heard?

Go to the Set Lists section. There is a list of songs that Cheryl has been doing recently. The list contains links to the Songs pages for those songs. See if you can find the song there.

Each song page contains a list of all the albums where the song is recorded. If the song isn't recorded anywhere by anyone, it will say that, too. In those cases, you might want to check out the audience and radio tapes of her concerts.

If you can't find the song on the Set Lists page, then click on the "Songs" link and try to find it there. If you still can't find the song, contact us.

When is Cheryl going to perform near me?

Go here.. There you can find out where she is performing, and when/if she is scheduled to perform near you.

Everything I know about is in those schedules. If she hasn't performed in your area in the past, you can try to change that. Contact the small venues in your area and tell them how great she is and that they should book her. If you have her video, let them look at it. That should be enough. That was a joke :^)

Where are the sound clips?

There aren't any sound clips at the moment. Once the new site has been completed, I will try to restore the sound clips (hopefully in a better way). In the meantime, you can go to the Rounder home page to hear clips from some of Cheryl's albums.

Sound clips will be found on some of the songs pages. If possible, the clips are taken from Cheryl's albums. For unreleased songs, clips are taken from live performances where available.

Where are the Pictures?

Look here.

Does Cheryl have an E-Mail List?

She sure does! It is run by Shelly Brisbin. There is a link to Shelly's site on the home page of this site, but you can learn more by sending an e-mail to [email protected] with one of the following commands in the Subject line of your message:


join the list, or move from the digest to the regular list

subscribe digest

receive a single message each day, containing all postings made since the last digest


retrieve an up-to-date copy of the welcome message and FAQ.