This page is intended for use by concert promoters. It contains a collection of high resolution JPG publicity pictures.

You are welcome to use any of the text from my Bio section to promote any of Cheryl's concerts. However, I would ask that you give credit to the site when you do so.

Main Head Shot (Photograph by Cathleen Joyce)
Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar (Photograph by Gwendolyn Cates)
Closeup of Cheryl's Face (Photograph by Beverly Parker)
Cheryl on Stool (Photograph by Beverly Parker)
Cheryl Smirking with Guitar (Photograph by Beverly Parker)
Back of Different Stripe (Photograph by Gwendolyn Cates)
From the photo shoot for Driving Home (Photograph by Beverly Parker)
Cover for What Do I Care I Don't Have Any Kids Construction Company (Photograph by Virginia Team)
Gag Photo with Guns (Photograph by Gwendolyn Cates)
Cheryl and Kenny White (Photograph by Cheryl Wheeler)
Sample Poster (Photograph by Beverly Parker)