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Songs from Recent Concerts

75 Septembers

Written for her father's 75th birthday.


A song about a hotel manager that Cheryl talked to for a long time after a concert. Contains the line: "The more I travel / The more I want to see"


This song is her most requested and most recorded song. It is a song about lost love, and contains the phrase "in the TV light". (If you've heard the song, that's the phrase that will stick in your mind.)

Bank, The

Dedicated to Fleet Mortgage, who handled Cheryl's mortgage in 1998. In Nov 2011 she added a new verse inspired by the financial crisis.

Cat Accountant

Another funny song about Penrod. Apparently, he is an accountant that keeps sending them bills.

Ebb and Flow

She wrote this song for a friend who had been going through some hard times.

Estate Sale

A song about going through dead people's houses.

Further and Further Away

A song about growing older, and being surprised at how clearly we remember incidents that happened a long time ago.


A song about how lucky Cheryl feels to have found Cathleen. She usually does the "counter" version of this song next.

Great Angry Baby

This political rant was spawned from the nasty political environment leading up to the 2016 US presidential election.

Handy House

About what you can and can't do in an outhouse.

Holding On

A song to a friend who was going through a rough time.

Howl at the Moon

A song about her dog James, or maybe herself.

If I Die Before You

Cheryl and Cathleen were working on their wills, and this song is the result.

If It Were Up to Me

A song about the Jonesboro shooting incident. Most lines start with "Maybe it's the ...".

It's the Phone

A hilarious song about Cell phones

Kenny's Song

This is a hilarious song which keeps repeating the words: "Now I like my husband better than my wife."

Lady Gaga's Singing Program

Cheryl's description goes like this: After reading a quote from a Westboro Baptist Church member referring to "Lady Gaga's less than beautiful singing program", I just had to write "Lady Gag's Singing Program" from WBC's point of view.

Leaning Into Me

This is a very touching song about Cheryl's love of dogs.

Little Lonely Thing

A song about a lonely feeling that Cheryl got one morning in a hotel room.

My Cat's Birthday

A funny song about Penrod's fifteenth birthday.

My Inflatable Plane

This song is basically a (day) dream about Cheryl and her dogs, as well as some other dogs that were visiting.

Northern Girl

About being homesick

One Step at a Time

About being upset with a friend.

Pointing at the Sun

A song about science and the how plants follow the sun.

Pop Tarts and Spam

A funny song about the hazards of cruise ships.


The chorus of The Mexican Hat Dance, using only the word "potato"

Raining in Portland

A reflective song about raining in Portland, and how she shifted from somewhat depressed with being quite satisfied.

Real November Sky

The real title to this song is "Real November Sky". This is a song that was written on Cheryl's little tenor uke, She's never played it on guitar. It's about autumn and Thanksgiving

Shutcher Piehole

A song about giving her cat a crazy name.

Summer's Almost Over

Cheryl wrote this shortly before Sept 11, 2001. It is a nice song about how great life has been for her.

Sylvia Hotel

A mellow song written while looking out over English Bay during the rain.


A cute song about how Cheryl always thinks she should be doing something else.

Where's All the Money?

This is a rant asking what has happened to all the money we used to have. She wrote this on her ukelele, with "Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?" as the little musical intro.

You Know You Will

A song about the changes in a relationship. This song came very quickly to Cheryl.

Your God

A rant about the religious fanatics and religious intolerance.