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If your idea of a folk singer/songwriter concert is a bunch of people clapping politely after songs, and then sitting quietly while the performer says things like "This next song is about ...", well, you've never seen a Cheryl Wheeler concert before. That was a joke :^)

Cheryl's concerts are more like what you would find at a comedy club than expect to find at a folk music concert. She can tell a story that has you rolling in the aisles, and then sing a song that leaves you wiping tears from your eyes. She will talk about some serious current event, and then sing a song that will have you howling with laughter. Her entire concert is a emotional roller coaster.

The links on this page will help you find out if Cheryl is performing near you, and know what to expect if you haven't seen her perform yet.

Concert Schedule

This link will allow you to see Cheryl's schedule. You can use this link to find out if she will be appearing near you sometime. Also, if you want a friend to "discover" Cheryl, you can see if she are appearing near them.

Most of the schedule entries include a link to the venue web site, which may give information such as the opening act, directions, parking and dining information. The concert doesn't appear on her agency web site until the contract is signed. Some venues will list the venue when they have started negotiations, so if a show is on the venue's web site but not on the agency site, that might explain why.

I am often asked "why doesn't Cheryl perform near me?". Well, she performs where she gets bookings; as far as I know, she hasn't listed any areas where she doesn't want to appear. That was a joke :^) If she isn't performing near you, contact your local venues and ask them to book her. If she has performed somewhere before, contact them and ask when she will be there next. If she hasn't performed in your area before, then look for folk clubs, coffee houses, or churches that host folk music concerts. Ask to speak to whoever does the booking. If they are not familiar with Cheryl, direct them to this site, or have them contact us for more information about her.

Recent Shows

This page is where I attempt to list the songs you are likely to hear at an upcoming show. These are the songs that she has been playing recently. She doesn't have a fixed set list, and will often play requests when asked, so it is hard for this list to be complete.

If you heard a song, but don't know the name, this is a good place to look. If you can't find it here, then you might want to try the Song Types page. If you still can't find it, contact us.


Here is a list of known recordings of Cheryl in concert. Most are audience recordings, but some are soundboard or FM broadcast recordings. If you have a recording of Cheryl performing, I am always interesting in getting new shows.

There are many songs that Cheryl has written, but never recorded. Some of them appear on the special CD for list-members only called No Previous Record, but there are many others that will probably never appear on one of her albums. Concert recordings are one of the few ways you will get to hear these songs.

These recordings should never be used instead of Cheryl's commercial recordings. For one thing, the quality of the recordings vary considerably, so if you want to hear Cheryl at her best, then by all means get her commercial albums. However, if you want to hear her funny stories between songs, as well as songs that never made it to an album, then these recordings are your only option.