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Follow Cheryl on Facebook!

Cheryl has had a page on Facebook for some time, but she is now posting updates herself.

E-Mail List

The e-mail list for Cheryl is run by Shelly Brisbin. Cheryl monitors this list, and even posts every so often, answering questions from fans. There are lots of benefits to joining the list, including special recordings.

Shelly keeps the list on topic most of the time, so even if you have had bad experiences with fan lists before, you should try this one. The members are a great group of people, and you will find frequent reports from concerts.


Cheryl's manager is Tony Gottlieb, who can be reached at:

Upper Management
4108 Brush Hill Rd
Nashville TN 37216
615.405.8083 cel
269-202-4180 fax
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Mention that you found out about him from this page.

Booking Agent

Cheryl's booking agent is:

Fleming & Associates
167 Little Lake Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Fax: 734-662-6502

For queries or comments:

[email protected].

F&A's page for Cheryl

Use this page to determine booking availabilities, etc. If you are a promoter, you can also use this site to obtain contract information.

Goldenrod Music

Cheryl's albums can be found on Goldenrod Music web site. If you are having problems finding her albums, this is the place to go.

Rounder Records

Rounder's page for Cheryl has entries for the albums on Rounder/Philo, as well as sound bytes.

North Star

North Star is the recording company that released Cheryl's first two albums. They are sometimes hard to find, but you should be able to order them directly from North Star's web site.