I believe that this album is out of print. I found it in a used CD bin.

All-Ears Review! was (is?) a magazine that offered a cassette or CD each month. Volume 1 & 2 featured "The Hotest New Sounds from African to Jazz to Rock to Zydeco". Artists include "Ben Vaughn Combo, The Bobs, and The Washington Squares on vol. 1; Blood on the Saddle, Oyster Band, Timbuk 3, and The Wrens on Vol. 2.

I have no idea if they are still in business. Subscriptions at the time of Vol. 3 (1988) for 6 issues were $49.95 for cassettes, and $79.95 for CD. The address in the liner notes is:

ROM Records
P.O. Box 491212
Los Angeles, CA 90049

If you find anything out, please contact us.

Artist Various
Title All-Ears Review Vol. 3~Singing Out - Songwriters for the 90's
Date 1988
Label ROM
Cat # 21003
Track Title Time Artist
1 Creationland 4:15 Stevens, Jonathan
2 I'm Fine 4:45 Larkin, Patty
3 Dangerous Out There 2:57 Morrisey, Bill
4 There's a Light 4:10 Collins, Lui
5 My Last Goodbye 3:29 Hawkins, Ted
6 Rainin' 2:41 Wheeler, Cheryl
7 Caught in the Crossfire 4:07 McCutcheon, John
8 Vet's Song, The 2:41 Winter, Cathy
9 B. B. King Was Wrong 2:34 Gorka, John
10 Bend in the River 3:18 Schmidt, Claudia
11 Jacob and Eva 4:21 Gailmor, Jon
12 Calling All Angesl 4:19 Gilkyson, Eliza
13 Personne Ne Two-Step Comme Toi 3:26 Gillman, Jane
14 Last Day of Pompeii 4:50 Smith, Michael
15 If I Could Be Sonja Henie 3:14 Lavin, Christine
16 Rooty-Toot-Toot 3:32 Brown, Greg