I think that most benefit CDs like this are win-win-win situations. The organization the benefit is for wins because lots of people (hopefully) buys the CD. The buyer wins because they get a chance to discover some new artists they like. (Actually, it was a compilation CD that introduced me to Cheryl). And the artist wins because their audience gets expanded.

This CD is a great collection. The person who told me about it said there wasn't a bad track on the CD. She was right. The only (slightly) down side was that they didn't have the correct name of Cheryl's song. (I've done the same thing, but on the web site, I just change the page & it is fixed.) That was a joke :^)

According to the liner notes: "100% of the proceeds from the sale of this CD goes to support the Sautee Nacoochee Center - www.sauteenacoochee.org," which looks like a really neat community local arts center.

Artist Various
Title Evening Star Compilation, Vol. 1
Date 2005
Label Evening Star Music Series
Cat #
Track Title Time Artist
1 He Came to Our Town 3:30 Brodsky, Chuck
2 Georgia Moon 4:37 Pettis, Pierce
3 Crazy in Alabama 5:29 Campbell, Kate
4 I Will Fly 4:24 Johnsmith
5 Voodoo Morning 4:18 Eberhardt, Cliff
6 It's the Phone Intro 3:22 Wheeler, Cheryl
7 It's the Phone 1:30 Wheeler, Cheryl
8 Brand New 5:06 Prasada-Rao, Tom
9 Famous in France 3:59 Smith, Michael
10 Voices On the Water 3:55 Olney, David
11 Favorite Part About You 4:36 Rosser, Chris
12 Can't Get You Out of My System 5:06 Kimmel, Tom
13 Mama's Got a Boyfriend 3:36 Gilkyson, Eliza
14 Mama Lou 6:00 Williams, Jack