A benefit CD. Part of the proceeds go to animal welfare organizations. Cheryl's Howl at the Moon fits nicely into this album.

According to the liner notes, the album was compiled by:

Freely Creative, Inc.
P.O. Box 1363
Stowe, VT 05672

The liner notes also state that a portion of the proceeds are donated to animal shelters and animal welfare organizations.

Artist Various
Title Man's Best Friend - The Singer/Songwriter Collection
Date 1996
Label Sterling Pond
Cat # MB 001
Track Title Time Artist
1 Old Man 4:24 Casey, Patti
2 Dog's Life 3:04 Robinson, Dana
3 Howl at the Moon 3:25 Wheeler, Cheryl
4 Sta and Play 2:43 Deaville, Darcie
5 Lucky Dog 4:01 Alessi, Al
6 Pamplemousse 1:57 McVicker, Juliet
7 Gotta Go 4:49 McCormick, Lisa
8 On Our Way 4:43 Nicholson, Jeff
9 What I Like About Dogs 2:32 Jerling, Michael
10 Lucy, Get Down 3:06 Voorhees, John
11 Randy's Tail 4:03 Gailmor, Jon