This album claims to be the "soundtrack" for Joyce Maynard's book of the same title. It was put together by Joyce out of the music that she was listening to when writing the novel. Her comments about this song from the liner notes are:

It feels right not only musically but thematically, that this song should have been recorded with just a single voice and a single piano, nothing more. I like it that there's nothing defeated about the singer's voice here, no tone of bitterness or complaint. She's simply alone.

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Where Love Goes

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Artist Various
Title Where Love Goes
Date 1995
Cat #
Track Title Time Artist
1 Where Does Love Come From 4:07 Davies, Gail
2 Ain't No Little Thing 3:17 Bunzow, John
3 Light, The 2:29 Harris, Emmy Lou
4 If I Needed You 3:43 Van Zandt, Townes~Mosser, Jonell
5 Don't Trust Me 2:58 Lauderdale, Jim
6 Too Close 4:41 Marlo, Clair
7 Eight More Miles 3:36 Kieran Kane
8 Baby Took a Limo to Memphis 4:08 Clark, Guy
9 Those Words We Said 3:57 Richey, Kim
10 Fourth of July 3:20 Mann, Aimee
11 Why Can't I Forget About You 4:23 Subdudes, The
12 Last Call 4:15 Paul, Ellis
13 You Made This Love a Teardrop 3:12 Griffith, Nanci
14 Feast of Bread and Water 4:47 Welch, Kevin
15 Almost 3:24 Wheeler, Cheryl
16 Goodbye 4:57 Earle, Steve
17 Never Gonna Fall in Love Again 4:03 Radigan, Terry
18 Time Stood Still 3:34 Gosdin, Vern
19 Somebody's Coming 4:05 Snider, Todd