This is a very nice album with some original songs and a number of cover songs as well. I liked the way they were able to cover familiar songs but make it sound like it was one of theirs. It has one of the most upbeat version of "The Bramble and the Rose" and "Hard Times" that I've ever heard.

The album was recorded live at the Birchmere, which means it was before an appreciative audience.

The version of Arrow is very nice, with some beautiful harmony. There aren't many artists that can cover one of Cheryl's songs differently without it bothering me, but these two manage to do just that. Normally, the differences jump out when I listen to the song, but I just sat back and enjoyed the song.

Artist Smith Sisters, The
Title Canary's Song, A
Date 1993
Label Flying Fish
Cat # FF 70616
Track Title Time Artist
1 Rappahanock 2:30
2 Blues Son for Sopranos in A Minor 3:00
3 My Father Was a QUiet Man 3:50
4 Solid Ground 3:02
5 In My Dreams 2:29
6 Bramble and the Rose, The 3:10
7 Hard Time 1:37
8 Pampa, Texas 3:12
9 Arrow 3:20
10 Leaving Train 3:20
11 Distant Thunder 3:20
12 Rhythm of Love 2:35
13 Canary's Song, A 4:06
14 Fire of Change 3:00
15 New Day, A 4:14
16 Amazing Grace 3:00