When Bette Midler was asked what kind of music she had been listening to, she said that she was listening to a lot of Cheryl Wheeler, who was an underground singer/songwriter. That was a joke :^)

Bette asked Cheryl to write an additional verse for this song. When Cheryl was writing this song, she had wanted to include the concept that kids tend to know a place better than adults because they are walking around the place, while adults usually just drive through in their cars. However, that concept never got worked into the original lyrics. This request gave her the opportunity to bring this theme out.

Cheryl has since sung the song both with and without the extra verse. She likes it either way.

Artist Midler, Bette
Title Bette of Roses
Date 1995
Label Atlantic
Cat # 82823
Track Title Time Artist
1 I Know This Town 3:54
2 In This Life 4:11
3 Bottomless 5:19
4 To Comfort You 4:45
5 To Deserve You 5:16
6 Last Time, The 4:53
7 Bed of Roses 4:13
8 Perfect Kiss, The 3:43
9 As Dreams Go By 5:10
10 It's Too Late 4:42
11 I Believe In You 4:34