This is a real nice folk album. All members seem to take turn singing lead, so the sound depends on the singer. They have a nice selection of songs: some covers, and some of their own songs.

The band members play a variety of instruments, and you can find some videos of them on YouTube. Their web site lists the videos:

You can buy their album on their web site or on CD Baby. They seem like a nice group of folks, so if they are performing in your area, you might want to check them out.

Artist Halfway Home
Title Better Days
Date 2007
Label HalfwayHome
Cat #
Track Title Time Artist
1 Tear My Stillhouse Down 5:24
2 Gandhi/Buddha 4:12
3 Past the Point of No Return 3:09
4 Beginnings and Ends 4:22
5 My Love Will Follow You 4:31
6 Better Days 4:27
7 Goos on the Gable 3:39
8 Till I'm Too Old to Die Young 3:21
9 Jar of Clay 2:58
10 Never Say Die 3:23
11 Reunion 3:34
12 Can't Let Go 3:51
13 Fields of Home 6:04
14 When We're Gone, Long Gone 3:55