D.C. Anderson is a cabaret singer who is also a big fan of Cheryl's. His performances almost always have a few of her songs. He has probably helped introduce quite a number of people to Cheryl. He even put together a show consisting entirely of her songs. Unfortunately, the show had to be cancelled before opening. Hopefully some time in the future.

This album contains three of Cheryl's songs, including the title song. Cheryl never recorded "Blue Summer Day", so this is the only way that most people will be able to hear it. As with his other albums, it is mostly him and a piano, but he is joined on a few songs by others.

He sings "Blue Summer Day" a little slower than Cheryl did; hers was very fast and bouncy. Maybe if enough people request it during shows, she might resurrect it again. That was a joke :^) The version of "Potato" is done as a duet, complete with harmony during the chorus. His treatment of "Is It Peace Or Is It Prozac?" is also different, but nice.

This is a double disc album that will be released October 16, 2000, but should be available on the LML Web Site before then.

Artist Anderson, D. C.
Title Blue Summer Day (Disc 1)
Date 2000
Label LML
Cat # LML-CD 121
Track Title Time Artist
1 Blue Summer Day 2:08
2 Cow Imagination 3:19
3 Music to Operate By 3:59
4 Mrs. Donaldson 2:06
5 I Leave in Doubt 3:02
6 Song for Sarajevo 3:04
7 You Should Be Ashamed 3:13
8 Second Time Around 4:41
9 I Haven't Time to Be a Millionaire 1:20
10 Potato 1:12
11 Flintstones 1:56
12 I'm Stepping Out With a Memory 1:29
13 More Than I Can Bear~Let Me Steal Your Heart 5:29
14 So This is Goodbye 2:43
15 Box of Visions 2:44
Artist Anderson, D. C.
Title Blue Summer Day (Disc 2)
Date 2000
Label LML
Cat # LML-CD 121
Track Title Time Artist
1 How's Your Little Act? 1:44
2 Is It Peace Or Is It Prozac? 2:25
3 God Bless Fern Davidson 1:38
4 Whoever Gets Me 3:13
5 Soon After Christmas 2:43
6 Not For the Squeamish 3:49
7 God Loves the Irish 2:01
8 Parade 2:44
9 Paul 3:16
10 Valley, The 3:20
11 Get Out and Get Under the Moon 1:50
12 Would You Let Me? 2:20
13 Waiting for You 1:13
14 Letter 3:03
15 River, The 1:49