This is a nice sounding album, very soothing and relaxing. The cover of Arrow different than Cheryl's treatment of the song, but perfectly fine. Cheryl's version keeps a steady pace, while this version slows down, pauses, and speeds up at different points. It is always hard for me to listen to a cover of Cheryl's songs because I keep listening to the differences rather than the song itself. As I said, it is different, but still enjoyable.

Arrow is not the only cover on this album. In additional to the traditional Oh, Susanna, there are a few other songs written by others, but many of the songs are by Laura herself.

This CD appears to be self-produced on her own label. You can learn more about Laura, including how to order this CD, at her website:

Artist Bird, Laura
Title Dreamwalker
Date 2000
Label Wigborough
Cat # WIG1958
Track Title Time Artist
1 Affections of May, The 4:08
2 Oh Susanna 3:49
3 You Tell Me That I'm Fallin' Down 4:04
4 Dreamwalker 4:08
5 Man of Destiny 6:26
6 Nothin' Takes Me Home 4:26
7 Arrow 4:34
8 Lovers Again 3:41
9 OKANDA 4:13
10 Still Togetehr 3:13
11 My Heart's Arrow 6:22