Cheryl hadn't performed Summerfly for a number of years before Maura recorded it for this album. However, people started asking Cheryl to sing the song once this album came out. Cheryl would reply that it had been too long, and besides Maura did a great job, people should listen to her version. I guess enough people kept asking, because eventually Cheryl started performing this song again.

On Maura's following album, Stories, Cheryl sings backup.

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Artist O'Connell, Maura
Title Helpless Heart
Date 1989
Label Warner
Cat # 26016
Track Title Time Artist
1 I Can't Stop the Girl
2 Helpless Heart
3 Summer Fly
4 Trouble in the Fields
5 Cast a Long Shadow
6 Only a Fool
7 Just Like the Blues
8 Isn't It Always Love
9 Bed for the Night
10 Western Highway
11 You'll Never Know