This is a nice easy listening country album, even though it contains a couple of toe-tapping songs.

The cover of Gandhi/Buddha is very nice. I'm glad this song is getting the attention it deserves. The liner notes state that he was blown away the first time he heard the song. Of course, I don't know many people who haven't had the same reaction. That was a joke :^)

Artist Westfall, Chris
Title I'm Coming Home
Date 2005
Label EagleFlight Productions
Cat # CRW4791
Track Title Time Artist
1 We'll Be There By Morning 2:58
2 Appreciate 3:18
3 I'm Coming home 4:59
4 You're the Reason (Love Has Arrived) 2:55
5 Gandhi/Buddha 3:27
6 Waking of the Day, The 2:37
7 Annies Other Song 2:52
8 When You Love Someone 4:37
9 Down This Road 4:11
10 Running River 3:11
11 Lighthouse on the Shore 4:02
12 Summer of My Dreams 4:26