This album has a nice cover of Cheryl's Howl at the Moon. It is often hard for me to listen to a cover of Cheryl's songs. I keep noticing the differences from how Cheryl does the same song. This version is different, but somehow still sounds nice. She inserts a number of pauses that at first seemed strange, but now sound perfectly fine.

Most of the songs on this album are her own, but she has a couple of other covers. It is a nice album with a number of soothing songs.

When I was importing this album into my iTunes, I noticed that I already had a recording by Nancy. She sings "Changes" on a Phil Ochs tribute album called "What's That I Hear? - The Songs of Phil Ochs". Anyone who covers Cheryl and Phil Ochs is fine in my book. That was a joke :^)

Artist Tucker, Nancy
Title Longing, The
Date 1999
Label Franeva Music
Cat # CFR060
Track Title Time Artist
1 Howl at the Moon 4:09
2 Flim Flam 2:03
3 Howling of Your Heart, The 3:47
4 Insects on Parade 4:26
5 Daughters of Feminists 2:44
6 Lullaby to a Baby Wolf 4:59
7 Nine Gold Medals 3:24
8 Heart of the Little Horse 2:53
9 Longing, The 3:35
10 Splintered Glass 3:02
11 In This Life 3:25