I like this album, although the first track seems to drag a bit for me. It has a nice voice, and the album has a mix of covers and original songs. Ann seems to be as comfortable with the covers as she is with her own songs. Her version of Quarter Moon is very nice. As far as I'm concerned, there isn't a bad song on the album, and I really like some of her songs. As suggested by the title, most of the songs are about love and/or weather.

Zimmerman is from Kansas, and the cover photos show her standing with a beautiful smile in windswept fields of waving grain.

Her contact information on the album is:

Ann Zimmerman

3904 N. Ohio

Salina, Kansas 67401

Web Address:


Artist Zimmerman, Ann
Title Love and Weather
Date 1993
Label A-Z Music
Cat # AMZ001
Track Title Time Artist
1 Houses in the Fields 4:06
2 Kaleidoscope 3:13
3 Not Bad 2:13
4 Heavy Heart 3:18
5 Home in the Sky 3:47
6 Rolling Home I-70 Blues 4:38
7 Home Grown Tomatoes 2:16
8 Lovely Agnes 3:06
9 Quarter Moon 3:24
10 I've Got a Crush on You 3:10
11 Trouble in the Fields 3:10
12 Bad Attitude Blues 3:46
13 I Love You More When I'm Leaving 3:45
14 Two Sleepy People 1:45