In addition to Further and Further Away, this song contains a nice song by Don Henry called Beautiful Fool.

I had to opportunity to hear him do this live in a very small venue once. It was very nice. Don also wrote another song that Kathy did called "Where Have You Been", a nice tear jerker that was co-written by Don and Kathy's husband.

Artist Mattea, Kathy
Title Love Travels
Date 1997
Label Mercury
Cat # 314-532 899
Track Title Time Artist
1 Love Travels 5:32
2 Sending Me Angels 4:18
3 Patiently Waiting 5:05
4 If That's What You Call Love 4:31
5 Further and Further Away 4:31
6 455 Rocket 4:11
7 I'm On Your Side 3:09
8 Bridge, The 3:28
9 All Roads to the River 3:15
10 End of the Line, The 4:28
11 Beautiful Fool 4:54