Some of you know Ron as the person who has the web site with guitar tabs and tunings. Up until Different Stripe this was the only web site where you could find reasonably accurate information on how Cheryl played certain songs. Every so often, somebody would send me what they claimed was an accurate representation of tabs and/or chords. Since I don't know anything about music, if they sounded like they knew what they were talking about, I would send it to Cheryl who would almost always say it wasn't quite right. Ron's list seemed to be the only one that she had much confidence in, and apparently a few other artists felt the same way.

This album is a totally independent / private creation. The back of the CD says:

The songs on this CD are used completely and totally without permission. But it's for a noble cause. Music. And except for love, true love, what could be nobler than that?

The fact that I heard about this album because Cheryl has a copy tells me the above statement might be a bit of an exaggeration. That was a joke :^)

According to the liner notes, the recordings on this album came from shows in 1994 and 1995, plus some songs from a soundcheck in 1989, and a 1995 experiment with multi-track recordings. The quality of the records are very good. (I'm not an audiophile, but they sound good to me.)

Although this album isn't commercially available, Ron has been known to send it people who are interested in getting a copy. If you are interested, you can send e-mail to him at [email protected] and ask.

I would suggest that if you notice that Ron is performing in your area, you should consider going to see him. He has a good voice, and many of the songs on this album hold their own against a number of albums with covers on Cheryl's songs that are commercially available.

Incidentally, when Ron sent me this CD, he was kind enough to include a recording of a show with Tracy Grammer singing harmony on a few songs by Dave Carter. So even though this isn't a commercial album you are likely to be able to buy, maybe it can help Ron get a slightly bigger audience when he performs. I would think the fact that Tracy thinks he is good enough to cover Dave's songs indicates he is pretty good.

Artist Greitzer, Ron
Title Messenger, The
Date 1995
Cat #
Track Title Time Artist
1 Little Kids 3:03
2 Further and Further Away 3:03
3 Vegematic 2:23
4 Dutchman, The 4:07
5 Aces 3:39
6 Walk Away Rose 3:12
7 Red Rubber Ball 2:41
8 Across the Great Divide 3:34
9 Don't Think Twice 3:17
10 Speculator, The 4:27
11 Going Gone 3:24
12 Hearts Overflowing/Battle Hymn of Love 4:26
13 Not Like You 4:32
14 House at Pooh Corner 3:09
15 Get Together 3:14
16 Nights in White Satin 4:00
17 Right Field 3:01
18 River, The 2:54
19 Tapestry 3:11
20 Blues Palace 3:59
21 Maybe Later 2:52