Three Weird Sisters do a combination of singer/songwriter and celtic folk music. This can get to people who like all the songs on an album to fit into some neat category. Personally, I like the mix on this album.

The album is slightly uneven: some of the songs are excellent; others are not as good. Overall, there are more good songs than bad.

Their version of When Fall Comes to New England is done similar to how Cheryl does it, but with considerable harmony. I think it works pretty well.

For those of you who are Harry Potter fans, this isn't the group you should be mad at; they didn't do it!

For those who don't know, the book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has a dance scene where the music is provided by a group called "The Weird Sisters". When Warner Brothers started working on making the book into a movie, they contacted this group about using a name similar to theirs. Since the members are big fans of the books and the movies, they had no problem. However, a Canadian band with a similar name apparently got very nasty, so Warner Brothers didn't mention the name of the band, and in the movie, the band was all guys.

Many fans got very upset about this (I wasn't too happy, either, and thought it was a dumb thing for the band to do.) When I first read about all of this, I couldn't believe it was the same group, and when I researched the story, I was glad to find out it wasn't them.

You can read more about this on their web site:

Artist Three Weird Sisters
Title Rite the First Time
Date 2001
Label Bedlam House
Cat # 80226030012
Track Title Time Artist
1 Dumb Dumb Dorothy 2:37
2 Rite of Passage 5:32
3 What'll I Do With the Baby-O? 3:35
4 On We Go 2:02
5 Pity Party 2:19
6 Little Boy Blue 3:20
7 Boys Want Sex in the Morning 3:02
8 Six Days 5:05
9 Bird Rocks, The 2:54
10 Absolutely Bonkers 2:55
11 Song of Fey Cross 6:50
12 When Fall Comes to New England 3:14
13 Spring Strathspey 4:14
14 Iowa 4:01
15 In a Gown Too Blue 5:25