It didn't take long for me to know I was going to enjoy this album. I love Holly Near, and have most (if not all) of her albums. I was disappointed, however, with Edge, that contains her previous cover of a Cheryl song because she tried to make each song sound like the original versions. What makes Holly so special is that she can sing a wide variety of songs and make them all sound like hers. I recall being surprised at a concert when I realized she was singing a Bruce Cockburn song, and I hadn't recognized it until she was into the chorus of the song. It didn't sound at all like the way Bruce did it, but it sounded great, and so natural for her.

This album has Holly singing songs her own way, and I am very glad. She does a nice version of Gandhi/Buddha that is different from the way Cheryl does it, but sounds great.

If by some chance you aren't familiar with Holly Near, you can learn more about her on her web site. If you have never seen Holly perform, I will simply say that she, like Cheryl, is much better in a live concert than she is on her albums.

Artist Near, Holly
Title Show Up
Date 2006
Label Calico Tracks Music
Cat # CTM0007
Track Title Time Artist
1 Family Band 3:06
2 Somebody's Jail 5:00
3 Gandhi/Buddha 3:48
4 I Am Willing 3:59
5 I Want You Gone Too 4:14
6 Lives in the Balance 4:50
7 Bound By the Beauty 3:57
8 Hattie and Mattie 4:20
9 Show Up 2:25
10 It's About Time 4:13
11 Drunken Sailor 3:09
12 This is Peace 3:31
13 Oh River 2:22