This album was produced and recorded by Jim Taylor in his home. (The liner notes say it was over coffee.) It was then mixed and mastered by Adam Greenberg from Whitewater Recording in Asheville, NC. Jim did all the singing (including backup harmony), and there are a few musicians who also play on the album, but it is mostly just him.

All of the songs on the album are Jim's, except for a nice cover of Cheryl's One Love.

The album consists mostly of acoustic arrangements. Jim has a nice, soothing voice.

Jim's web site:

Artist Taylor, Jim
Title Tell Me a Story
Date 1999
Label Corajean
Cat # 14012
Track Title Time Artist
1 Tell Me a Story 1:08
2 One Way or Another 3:15
3 Acklen Park Drive 4:07
4 Used to Blue 2:14
5 Don't Aks Me What I'm Thinking 3:51
6 Another Shade of Blue 3:13
7 One Love 4:27
8 Lies Cheaters Tell 2:31
9 Our Moment 3:42
10 Little Stream of Joy 2:19
11 Flies 3:57
12 Rolling Away 2:34
13 Tell Me a Story 3:00
14 Rock 'n' Roll Late Night Blues 3:51
15 Unnamed 3:33