I really like this album; the singer has a nice voice. Although she is Dutch, her voice sounds a lot like Loreena McKennit or June Tabor. The album contains mostly Americana / folk music, along with some Celtic songs as well. Her band has no traditional experience; they are a pop/rock band, and she introduces some pop feel to some of the songs.

Apparently, she is well known in her home country. She worked in Television for a while and compiled a number of albums featuring various women artists. I created a stub for her in Wikipedia, so if you want to learn more, try there first.

Her official web site is in Dutch, but there is enough English you can sort of find your way around. She has a myspace page, and you can buy some of her albums (but not this one) on CDBaby.

Artist Jansen, Leoni
Title Three Magic Little Words
Date 2005
Label Brigadoon
Cat # BIS 075
Track Title Time Artist
1 Broken Wings 3:31
2 Summer Fly 2:48
3 Crazy Man Michael 3:12
4 The Water is Wide 3:37
5 He Will Find Me 4:41
6 Turning Away 3:44
7 Fire and Rain 4:24
8 Fields of Gold 3:44
9 Blessing 4:56
10 From Belfast to Boston 3:04
11 Maryland 3:28
12 Walls 2:53
13 Where do You Lie? 5:07
14 A Sleepy Little Sailor 3:51