I stumbled across this album while surfing the web one day looking for references to Cheryl. They were kind enough to send a copy of the CD, and I was pleasantly surprised. It is an excellent album. Their treatment of One Love is quite a bit different than Cheryl's, but it is very good. Cheryl's song was the only cover on the album.

The album would probably be classified as Country, if you are in to types of music. It has a nice sound, the arrangements are good, and their voices sound good together.

Their web site is http://songs.com/killens.

Artist Killens, The
Title Voice Like Yours, A
Date 1997
Label Dream Bus
Cat # 199397
Track Title Time Artist
1 You Know That Feeling By Heart 3:45
2 You're Still Happening to Me 3:23
3 Wild Horse 3:43
4 One Love 3:31
5 Voice Like Yours, A 4:16
6 Wait for Love 2:49
7 Any Other Man 3:44
8 River of Love 3:44
9 History 3:54
10 Way He Looks, The 4:35
11 Steps 3:28
12 Field of Stone 4:47