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© 1986 North Star Records, Inc.

This is Cheryl's First Album. It includes her most requested song, Arrow, as well as another of my favorite songs: Quarter Moon.

It is amazing to me that her first album has so many great songs. Addicted was recorded by Dan Seals and hit #1 on the Country Music charts. Since then, her music has been covered by a number of Country Music artists.

This album also contains one of her few cover songs: Game of Love

Robbie Magruder
J. T. Brown, John Jennings, Jonathan Edwards, Rico Petrocelli
Cheryl Wheeler, John Jennings
Dick Brewer, Jon Carroll, Kenny White
Kenny White, John Jennings, Jon Carroll
Jonathan Edwards
String Synthesizer
Jerry Bowles
Dave Premo
Jim Biggins
Cheryl Wheeler, Jonathan Edwards, Mary Chapin Carpenter, John Jennings
Produced by
Jon Edwards
Arrangement Production
John Jennings
Preproduction Assistance
Kenny White
Bill McElroy at Bias Recording Company, Springfield, VA
Mastered by
Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC


Album Tracks

ArtistWheeler, Cheryl
TitleCheryl Wheeler
LabelNorth Star
Cat #W0001
1 Gimme the Right Sign 3:14 
2 Invisible Lady 4:33 
3 Addicted 5:14 
4 Lethal Detective 4:00 
5 Behind the Barn 3:51 
6 Paradise in Troubled Waters 4:07 
7 Your Radio's Up Too Loud 3:36 
8 Game of Love 3:04 
9 Quarter Moon 4:20 
10 Same Old Game 3:20 
11 Arrow 4:19 

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