A touching song about an evening Cheryl spent with some friends. The guy had been living in Europe for some time, but would come home every year or so. He and the gal would get together and talk about old times. Cheryl would often get invited along. At the end of the evening, they ended up talking on a front porch. Mrs. Pinocci (pronounced Penuchi), one of the neighbors, stopped over with her guitar, and they spent a good deal of the night passing the guitar around and singing songs. Here is a live performance of Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar on YouTube.

Mrs. Pinocci wrote Cheryl a nice letter thanking her for the nice evening. This note appears inside the CD booklet.

Cheryl has told some interesting stories about what happened since this song was written.

Mrs. Pinocci once told Cheryl that if she hadn't gotten married, she would have gone into show business. At one point, Cheryl was performing in Florida where Mrs. Pinocci spent her winters. The local radio station found out about this, so on the night of the show, the announcer introduced Mrs. Pinocci, who came out on stage and introduced Cheryl. After the show, Cheryl and Mrs. Pinocci stood next to each other with their Sharpies autographing CDs. That was a joke :^)

After one show, Mrs. Pinocci's son met Cheryl. He had brought his own son to the concert, who was quite impressed that someone had written a song about his grandmother.