This song was inspired during one of her road trips, when she was driving into Atlanta (but you probably figured that out already, didn't you?) That was a joke :^) The song contains images of the scenery she passed. It was written in a new tuning that she came up with. She worked out this new tuning, and then wrote several new songs using that tuning.

The song has a hypnotic effect on me. I can almost feel like I'm driving in the rain when I listen to it.

Cheryl mentioned once that she was stopping for lunch, and had to choose between something like a Pancake House or a Stuckeys. When she went in, she realized that she had stopped at the same place the previous year!

The cook was a very flamboyant person who Cheryl remembered. She asked him a couple of questions (Didn't you redecorate your living room about a year ago?) and he was surprised that she remembered him. (Imagine his surprise to find out he ended up in a song! That was a joke :^) )

You can find this little tidbit buried in the lyrics:

Single seating at the counter. How can I be here again?
Filthy shirt construction worker with Georgia on his face and hands

That second line is one of my favorites. It reminds me of an experience eating lunch in a fairly fancy middle eastern restaurant back in the 70's. Some construction workers who were fixing the street asked if they could eat there. The hostess said "Of course! Work is an honorable profession." She then sat them at one of the best tables: next to the front window.