Cheryl wrote this song after the death of her father. Her dad played such a major part in her life, as can be seen in such songs as 75 Septembers, Time Taketh Away, and others. Many fans wondered how Cheryl would cope with his death, and whether or not she would sing those songs again.

This song describes the pain she went through, but at the same time, it shows that Cheryl was able to get past the pain. She still performs some of those older songs about him.

One line in particular that stood out when I first listened to the song mentioned "nervous 9th grader". When I asked Cheryl about this, she mentioned that the year she was in ninth grade was particularly stressful due to a number of things. However, each time her father showed up, everything was "all better".

You can see a YouTube clip of Cheryl performing Since You've Been Gone, one of the many great clips from hahborgurl.