This is a song that was inspired by something that happened when she was writing another song.

Cheryl believes that her main purpose in life is to write songs. She really loves song writing, but it isn't something she can force. She usually has to have something spark the creative process.

Cheryl was sitting on her couch writing a song (This is Me) when she looked outside and thought "I should be outside riding my bike"! Then she realized what she had just said, and realized that no matter what she was doing, she would almost certainly think that she should be doing something else. She told her friend, Cathleen, that she felt like writing a song about how she always feels guilty. Cathleen replied "You mean because you are so unworthy". This song is the result.

This song has a lot of words, and many of the lines go very quickly, which means this is a tough song to sing. In fact, the end of the song turns into "blah blah blah". Cheryl once told me that if she ever messes up the lyrics, she can always remember the ending. That was a joke :^)