This is one of Cheryl's many "rants." This one is about the radical religious right. It is an equal-opportunity rant, complaining about a wide variety of religions. You can watch a live clip of Your God on YouTube. Or you can listen to an early version of the song here. That was a joke :^)

We all have people who try to tell us what to do (you should lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more, etc.) But there is a difference between people who express their beliefs and those that try to enforce their own standards on everyone else.

Cheryl was concerned about my reaction to this song. She sent me e-mail a few days before she had a gig at Appel Farms, which is in the Philadelphia area near where I live. Cheryl knows that I am a devout Mormon, and she said there was a line in this song about the Mormons, but not my kind. It was about the polygamous groups in the Utah area (think Elizabeth Smart.) Since the Mormon Church outlawed polygamy quite a while ago, those groups are not associated with the church in any way. Calling them Mormon is like calling Protestants Catholics, or Catholics Jews. They come from the same background, but have since split off into their own group.

Interestingly, Cheryl's original version had a line about the "loser God the Eagles had" (in reference to the Philadelphia Eagles losing the Super Bowl.) Andy Reid, the head coach of the Eagles is also a Mormon, so she really had two lines about Mormons in the song. That was a joke :^) Cheryl updates the lyrics after each Superbowl.