This EP was Cheryl's first recording. I find it amazing that it is so good. The version of Summerfly on this album is just as good as the version on "Half a Book", recorded 8 years later.

A man named Franz Kneissl owned a company called "Newport Is Sports". He asked Cheryl to write a song for his store. He then financed this EP so that his song could be recorded. It is out of print, and isn't (wasn't) available on CD. This EP had the distinction of being an inch larger than any of the other albums.

Notice that Kenny White produced the EP, and provides keyboards and harmonies. Kenny and Cheryl met at Salt Theater, in Newport, RI in 1976. He was playing piano for Jonathan Edwards, and Cheryl was opening.

The cover is a blending of several Newport mansions. I asked Cheryl about the picture of her on the back. She thinks she had just put on her gig shirt, and was in the process of buttoning it.

Cheryl Wheeler
vocals, acoustic guitar
Jean DoSifantus
John Voit
John Bois
bass (Headed for a Heartache)
Bobby Keyes
electric and acoustic guitar
Kenny White
keyboards and harmonies
Marc Parmet
Jim Biggins
Joan Fink
background vocals
John Manchester
string arranger
Billy Novick
horn arranger and sax
Recorded at
Normandy Sound, Warren R.I. spring of 1983.
Summer Fly recorded at
Part I of II, N. Dartmouth, MA.
Produced by
Kenny White
Artist Wheeler, Cheryl
Title Newport Songs
Date 1983
Cat #
Track Title Time Artist
1 Newport is Sports
2 Headed for a Heartache
3 On the Beach
4 Summer Fly