Christine Lavin organized a singer/songwriter retreat on Martha's Vineyard. This album is a great collection of songs that were recorded during the performances that week. This is a great album, and I would have bought it even if Cheryl wasn't on it. That was a joke :^)

This was the first time Further and Further Away was recorded. It was later recorded for Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar.

Artist Various
Title Big Times in a Small Town - The Vineyard Tapes
Date 1993
Label Philo
Cat # PH 1155
Track Title Time Artist
1 Big Times in a Small Town 4:47 Mee, James
2 Dog Dreams 4:27 Brooke, Jonatha
3 Is It Wrong to Feel So Good (At This Time in My Life) 2:48 Eberhardt, Cliff
4 Entering Marion 4:25 Forster, John
5 Nod Over Coffee 5:18 Pettis, Pierce
6 Further and Further Away 3:48 Wheeler, Cheryl
7 Summer of Love 7:33 Nelson, Peter
8 Afro-Cuban Lullaby 3:21 Field, Hilary
9 Star Spangled Banner and Me, The 4:41 Roth, David
10 Folksinger Earns Every Dime, A 4:21 Buskin, David
11 I Am My Dad 2:34 Electric Bonsai Band
12 Chained to these Lovin' Arms 4:00 Larkin, Patty
13 Road Worth Waling Down, A 3:40 Greenway, Greg
14 Date (Making Mountains Out of Molehills), A 4:36 Kessler, Barbara
15 Little Piece At a Time 3:03 Wilcox, David
16 Time to Decide, A~Endless Sky 4:20 Pyle, Chuck
17 Shivering~Tight Jeans Round~Nursey Rhyme Round~Round and Round Round 5:52