Another singer/songwriter collection. This version of Arrow is from the album Circles & Arrows.

The first volume of this collection is quite good (and much better than this volume, IMHO). It was named after the first song on the album by Pierce Pettis (which is why I bought the album). It also contains Cliff Eberhardt doing My Father's Shoes. That album was released before Cliff's first album came out.

Artist Various
Title Legacy II, A Collection of Singer Songwriters
Date 1992
Label High Street
Cat # 10314
Track Title Time Artist
1 Tango 4:26 Larkin, Patty
2 Ashes to Dust 3:55 Paul, Ellis
3 Gloria 4:15 Berry, Heidi
4 Who Woulda Thunk It 4:31 Brown, Greg
5 I Write the Book 3:57 Griffin, Patty
6 What Could I Add to That 4:36 Tedesso, Frank
7 Slow Justice 4:10 Metsa, Paul
8 Damn Everything But the Circus 4:26 Story, The
9 Look Over Your Shoulder 3:26 Heard, Mark
10 Omaha Nebraska 4:55 Mathews, Doug
11 Arrow 4:19 Wheeler, Cheryl
12 Joey's Car 3:31 Gilkyson, Tony
13 Good Little Children, The 4:35 Berry, Nick