According to the back of the CD cover, "Here is a 'best-of' collection of artists who have both recorded for Rounder Records and performed at the Newport Folk Festival." It is my understanding that this CD was given to some people who ordered festival tickets in advance. All tracks are studio versions taken from Rounder albums.

Quoting from notes states: In the early years of the Newport Folk Festival played an important role in inspiring three Boston-area university friends to go forth and seek out real folk music. And so, in the early seventies, Marian Leighton Levy, Len Irwin, and Bill Nowlin, three wide-eyed and musically curious adventurers, travelled all over the east coast in search of traditional music that would become the foundation for Rounder Records' extensive 3000-plus title catalog.

The track on this album is from Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar.

Artist Various
Title Rounder at Newport
Date Rounder
Label 2001
Cat # NP1
Track Title Time Artist
1 Forget About It 3:30 Krauss, Alison
2 His Hometown 4:04 Wheeler, Cheryl
3 Broke Down 3:10 Cleaves, Slaid
4 Just Before We Lost the War 3:27 Morrissey, Bill
5 Angel in the Dark 4:04 Nyro, Laura
6 Tornado Alley 3:43 Newcomer, Carrie
7 Bands of the Ponchartrain 3:39 Griffith, Nanci
8 Three Days Straight 3:35 Hubbard, Ray Wylie
9 Seems to Me 4:17 Riley, Steve~Mamou Playboys, The
10 Your Love Was Never There 4:31 Roomful of Blues
11 Sign of Truth 3:52 Hinojosa, Tish
12 In My Hands 4:23 McMaster, Natalie
13 Spain 7:04 Fleck, Bela
14 Last Thing On My Mind, The 3:32 Paxton, Tom