Another excellent collection by Christine Lavin. This was the first time this song was recorded. It was later recorded for Driving Home.

In the liner notes, Christine mentions that the first time she heard Cheryl perform When Fall Comes to New England, she knew that song had to be recorded.

Artist Various
Title When October Goes
Date 1991
Label Rounder
Cat # 1143
Track Title Time Artist
1 When Fall Comes to New England 3:05 Wheeler, Cheryl
2 Locked Away 4:27 Gonzalez, Raymond~Malkoff, Amy
3 Southbound Train 4:07 Gold, Julie
4 Will You Come Home 3:39 Burke, Susie
5 When I Need You Most of All 3:00 Buskin, David
6 Lie Easy 3:45 Rundlett, Gail
7 Island of Time 3:22 Larkin, Patty
8 Where Were You Last Night? 5:59 Christian, Frank
9 Out of My Mind 2:49 Gorka, John
10 Are You Happy Now? 3:43 Shindell, Richard
11 When October Goes 4:58 McDonough, Megon
12 Getting Used to Leavin' 3:26 Lavin, Christine
13 Return, The 3:40 Fingerett, Sally
14 Long Road, The 5:29 Eberhardt, Cliff~Havens, Richie
15 Coming of the Snow 5:05 MacDonald, Rod