This was Cheryl's first album on Philo/Rounder. This album was heavily promoted by Philo, a welcome change from the lack of support that Capitol had given Circles & Arrows. There were (at least) three singles released from this album: "Almost" for Adult Comtemporary Radio, "Silver Lining" for Country Radio, and "75 Septembers" for general radio.

This album was taken into space. Here is a quote from Cheryl:

The coolest thing that has happened in terms of amazing career moments was receiving in the mail a copy of my" Driving Home" CD, signed by Jay Buckey, a space shuttle astronaut, with an official NASA "Certificate Of Authenticity" stating that that CD was flown aboard the United States Space Shuttle Columbia, April 17 to May 3 1998. The CD and certificate are framed and hanging above my guitars.

Mike Auldridge
Jon Carroll
Bob Dawson
tapered horn
Allison Krauss
Jonathan Edwards
vocal, percussion, harmonica, tapered horn
Jon Jennings
Carl Lacey
Patty Larkin
slide guitar, vocal
Wade Matthews
Dave Palamar
drums, percussion
Al Petteway
acoustic guitar, guitar
Vince Santoro
Lynn Shule
Debi Smith
Robert Spates
Kenny White
piano, organ, electric piano, keyboards
Produced by
Jonathan Edwards
"When Fall Comes to New England" by Kyle Lehning & Jonathan Edwards
Recorded and mixed
by Bob Dawson at Bias Recording Studio, Alexandria, VA
Additional overdubs
Morningstar Recording Studio, Hendersonville, TN
Engineered by
Bruce Irvine
Additional Engineering
by Chuck Thompson
Mastered by
Dave Glasser, Airshow Inc., Alexandria VA
Artist Wheeler, Cheryl
Title Driving Home
Date 1993
Label Philo~Rounder
Cat # PH 1152
Track Title Time Artist
1 Driving Home 4:49
2 Silver Lining 3:38
3 Music In My Room 3:47
4 Frequently Wrong But Never In Doubt 3:57
5 Don't Forget the Guns 3:39
6 Act of Nature 3:19
7 75 Septembers 4:04 Carpenter, Mary Chapin
8 Spring 2:56
9 Bad Connection 3:45
10 When Fall Comes to New England 3:13
11 Orbiting Jupiter 4:31
12 Almost 3:24