D.C. Anderson is a cabaret singer who frequently covers Cheryl's songs. He says that frequently people come up to him after a show and ask him where he got one of Cheryl's songs. He sends them to the local music store to buy her latest album.

Most albums containing covers of Cheryl's songs have one, sometimes two of her songs. This album has a record of three of Cheryl's songs.

In early 1999 I was contacted by him. He wanted to put on a show consisting of only Cheryl's songs. With the help of Shelly Brisbin, he obtained live recordings of many of Cheryl's songs that never made it onto albums. Many of these songs will appear in this show. The show was scheduled to open in August, 1999, but unfortunately, it never did.

Artist Anderson, D.C.
Title Box Under the Bed, The
Date 1997
Label LML Music
Cat # LML-CD 103
Track Title Time Artist
1 If I Only Had a Brain 1:54
2 Sister Clarissa 3:19
3 What a Little Moonlight Can Do 2:15
4 Moonbathing 3:05
5 Orbiting Jupiter 3:11
6 I'm Pretty Mad 1:46
7 Mississippi Mud 1:21
8 Wake Up Screaming 2:00
9 Thinkin' Of Leavin'~Long Honeymoon 4:46
10 Paralyzed 2:29
11 That Lonesome Road 1:43
12 From the Heart 2:31
13 Pajamas 1:32
14 New Words 2:18
15 75 Septembers 3:25
16 Waiting for the Train to Come In 2:13
17 You're Driving Me Crazy~Undecided 1:37
18 Bonny Portmore 2:38
19 Your Father and I Have Been Talking 2:01
20 Can't Help Falling In Love 1:51
21 Fly Me to the Moon 1:57
22 Bird On a Wire 3:13
23 My Life 2:54