Patty appears to have a variety of talents and/or interests. The various material she sent me claimed she was a singer-songwriter, folklorist, and author. She has written historical books for adults and a number of children books.

The liner notes for Cheryl's I Know This Town states:

"When I first heard Cheryl Wheeler's I Know This Town, the hair raised up on both arms. Cocky and self-sure, this infectious anthem celebrating rough-and-tumple kid-hood brings back, in the best of ways, those heady days of being a freewheeling, carefree tomboy in the 1950s."

Patty changes the lyrics a little bit (and reflects those changes in the lyrics sheet), and varies the sound of the song a little, but it still comes across just fine. My guess is that her presentation fits her own memories of growing up.

Most of the songs on this album were written by Patty, but a few additional cover songs are included. The album is mostly country and old-timey songs, with a calypso thrown in. Patty plays guitar and banjo, plus sometimes keyboards or percussion. She sings harmony as well.

Patty's web site:

Artist Hall, Patty
Title Just Be Glad
Date 2005
Label Native Daughter
Cat # NDR-CD1001
Track Title Time Artist
1 Coo-Coo, The 2:32
2 Native Daughter of the Golden West 2:51
3 I Know This Town 3:15
4 Solo Blues 3:18
5 Confidence 3:37
6 Amelia Earhart's Last Flight 3:48
7 Don't Take the Lady for a Fool 3:23
8 Golden Rocket, The 3:18
9 Back in the Olden Times 2:17
10 You've Been a Friend to Me 3:38
11 Raggedy Candy Heart 3:19
12 Organic 3:54
13 Just Be Glad 4:30