This is the second album that Lucy has recorded containing a cover of one of Cheryl's songs. This CD comes in a nice fold-out cardboard case with the booklet tucked behind a flap. Quite different than the first album, which has a plain plastic jewelbox. This album was produced by Jim Hurst, who wrote the introduction on the case. The booklet gives the lyrics for all the songs, along with the sources for the traditional tunes, as well as brief comments about the songs that they wrote.

Marshall Goers plays banjo and mandolin, as well as guitar and dulcimer, so there is more backing instrumentation than her first album. The overall feel of the album, however, still has a comfortable acoustic quality to it. Most of the songs are written by either Lucy or Marshall (none are cowritten). There are also some traditional and cover songs on the album.

The comment in the booklet about Cheryl's Piper states that this is the first time they tried to use an old-time banjo on a new song, and they liked the result. I must admit that when I first read that, I had a strange feeling in my stomach (it was early morning, so maybe I was just hungry) That was a joke :^) But when I listened to the recording, I thought the banjo was fairly subtle and in the background, so it probably isn't what you might be thinking about as you read this. This version doesn't have the little guitar riff that was the basis for the song, so that seemed a bit strange, but I still thought the end result was nice.

Overall, this album is much more polished than her first album that contains covers of two of Cheryl's songs, When to Let Go, although both are nice acoustic albums.

Lucy's web site

Web site of Jim Hurst, the producer

Artist Allen, Lucy~Goers, Marshall
Title Just Passing Through
Date 2005
Label Paper River Music
Cat # PRM0306
Track Title Time Artist
1 Just Passing Through 3:10
2 Tom Dooley 2:36
3 Streets of London 4:05
4 Shenandoah Falls 3:05
5 No Time or Space 2:34
6 When the Breeze Blows 5:07
7 Coleman's Marsh 2:34
8 Moongazing 3:36
9 Fresh Start 2:32
10 Roots and Wings 2:58
11 London or Oxford 4:07
12 (No Such Thing as) Girls Like That 2:48
13 Piper 4:01
14 God Be in My Head 4:13