Lucy covers two of Cheryl's songs on this CD. I wish more artists did that. That was a joke :^) The album was produced by Lucy herself, who also distributes the CD. You can visit her web site at

This album consists mostly of Lucy singing and playing acoustic guitar, with minimal backup musicians and singers. The album has a nice, comfortable feeling to it. The booklet contains the lyrics to her songs, but not for Cheryl's songs, or some of the other cover versions.

With Lucy's second album, Just Passing Through, she covers yet another of Cheryl's songs. I can only hope she has a long and successful career, and that she continues her tradition of covering Cheryl's songs on each of her albums. That was a joke :^)

Artist Allen, Lucy
Title When to Let Go
Date 2002
Label Lucy Allen
Cat # 83707-49322
Track Title Time Artist
1 Cape, The 3:15
2 When to Let Go 4:35
3 Farewell Lone Ranger 3:48
4 Further and Further Away 5:04
5 Come From the Heart 2:49
6 Six Hawks on the Highway 4:53
7 Who'll Watch the Homeplace 5:12
8 Treasures 4:00
9 Police Dog Blues~Etta's Gift
Police Dog Blues~Etta's Gift
10 Rainy Road into Atlanta 3:56
11 She Could've Loved Him 4:25
12 Flying South 3:43