This is a very nice album by Sylvia, who also has covered Cheryl's songs on her The Real Story album, where Cheryl's song was one of the few covers.

She does a really nice job of covering Arrow. This is a nice album to listen to. A variety of songs (including "Bus Stop" and "In My Life") that are all well done. This CD spent a fair amount of time in my player.

Artist Sylvia
Title Where in the World
Date 2002
Label Red Pony Records
Cat # RPR-1101
Track Title Time Artist
1 Where in the World 3:44
2 Dance with Father Time 3:51
3 Crazy Nightingale 4:27
4 Bird on a Wire 4:36
5 Marcie 4:30
6 Arrow 3:27
7 Bus Stop 3:34
8 In My Life 3:09
9 Watching Life with the Sound Turned Down 3:20
10 Song of Bernadette 3:36
11 Nobody [Hidden track] 3:37