This is a very nice album by Sylvia, who also has covered Cheryl's songs on her Where in the World album.

Soon As I Find My Voice is the lead song on this album, and she does an excellent job on this song.

If you aren't familiar with Sylvia, she has a nice voice that reminds me of a softer Nancy Griffith on some songs, and a lot like Beth Nielsen Chapman on others. This album has a definite country flavor, but still enjoyable (I'm not a big country fan.)

Sylvia wrote (or co-wrote) most of the songs on this album, including the title song (which is excellent, IMHO). This is quite a bit different than her later one, that contains mostly covers.

Artist Sylvia
Title Real Story, The
Date 1996
Label Red Pony Records
Cat # SH796CD
Track Title Time Artist
1 Soon As I Find My Voice 3:47
2 I've Been Down Too Long 4:00
3 Chance Encounter 3:11
4 Hand-Me-Down 2:55
5 Even a Cowboy Can Dream 3:43
6 See How Much I Love You 3:47
7 Sweet Shall Your Welcome Be 2:32
8 Real Story, The 4:04
9 Whole Heart 3:09
10 Thank God I'm Coming Home 3:18
11 More Than It Has Ever Rained, (I Love You) 3:19
12 Sonoma 3:41
13 I Will Not Forget You 3:06