A toe-tapping song that I like a lot. I believe that this is the song my wife really liked the first time she heard it. The interesting thing about this song is that, while the song has a nice, bouncy, tune, the subject matter is pretty depressing. Kind of like Cecilia by Simon & Garfunkle.

The singer has apparently done something to mess up a relationship and feels really bad about it. The closing lines are:

No way I can change the past I know

Tell me baby is it all she wrote

I'd do anything to make this right

Damn, I know you walk the floor all night

Cheryl wrote this song on the Philo Anniversary Tour in Portland, OR. They had been in Seattle the night before, where they heard a Grunge type band. Cheryl was standing in the doorway/alcove watching them play with a "relentless groove". She had been having some personal problems at home, and the two kinda came together and resulted in this song.