This is the first of two albums that were recorded as a tribute to Christine Lavin. The album consists of a number of Christine's contemporaries singing her songs (except for Cheryl's, of course). Christine was unaware of the project until this album was presented to her.

Cheryl's contribution is the only song on that album that wasn't written by Christine. Cheryl is also the only artist to have her intro recorded. The other artists had a little blurb in the liner notes where they described why they chose the song, plus other comments about Christine. The liner notes state:

We were going to transcribe Cheryl's Christine Lavin story, but her delivery is so incredible, we thought it deserved its own track on the record

For those who don't know, Christine Lavin has been described as "The Mother Theresa of Folk Music". She is well known for promoting other artists. Interviewers have a hard time getting her to talk about herself, because she always manages to turn the conversation towards discussing some little-known folk artist that Christine thinks is great. The World Cafe used Christine as a scout for Folk Music for a while. She would talk for a few minutes about unknown artists and play some of their songs.

Christine has involved Cheryl in a number of her projects. Cheryl has even substituted for one of the "Bitchin' Babes" on occasions (where she was quoted as saying: "I'm not bitchin', I'm just a bitch" That was a joke :^)

Some of Christine's projects have been On a Winter's Night, When October Goes (which was where When Fall Comes to New England was first recorded), Martha's Vineyard Retreat ( Big Times in a Small Town, Follow That Road, and Laugh Tracks).

Artist Various
Title Big League Babe~The Christine Lavin Tribute Album, Pt. 1
Date 1997
Label Prime
Cat # PCD 037
Track Title Time Artist
1 Attainable Love 2:49 Kessler, Barbara
2 Kind of Love You Never Recover From, The 3:42 Wilcox, David
3 Artificial Means 3:13 Eberhardt, Cliff~Gold, Julie
4 Jane 4:10 Gilbert, Vance
5 Fly On a Plane 2:38 Shindell, Richard
6 Victim/Volunteer 4:14 Olsen, Kristina
7 Amoeba Hop, The 2:41 Ronk, Dave Van~Christian, Frank
8 Replaced 3:57 Werner, Susan
9 Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind 2:59 McDonough, Megon
10 You Think You've Got Problems 3:25 Roth, David
11 Biological Time Bomb 2:24 Zweiman, Judith
12 Christine Lavin Could Do It (Intro) 2:26 Wheeler, Cheryl
13 Christine Lavin Could Do It 3:09 Wheeler, Cheryl