This album was finally released in January 26, 1999, almost a year later than it was originally expected.

One of the reasons this album was delayed is because the songs that Cheryl had recorded were mostly sad songs about her divorce of about three years previously. When she started writing some newer songs, she went back into the studio and added some of those songs.

Some of the songs were recorded live, others are studio versions. The song "Potato" was recorded in Philadelphia at the Seaport Museum. I was in the audience. I wondered why Cheryl kept asking the audience if they wanted to try singing potato. It was because it would be on the album.

Cheryl Wheeler
acoustic guitar, vocals, choral singing
Robin Batteau
choral singing
Larry Campbell
pedal steel, Dobro
Mark Egan
Lucy Kaplansky
harmony vocal, choral singing
Zev Katz
Lloyd Landesman
Hammon organ
Shawn Pelton
drums and percussion
Al Pettaway
acoustic guitar
Mark Shulman
electric guitar
Kenny White
Hammond organ, acoustic piano, choral singing
Ben Wisch
harmony vocal, Wurlitzer piano
Ben Wisch
Enginerred and mixed
by Ben Wisch at Wish Productions, NYC winter 1997-summer 1998
Live Tracks
Recorded live in Philadelphia at Seaport Museum Theater, November 14, 1997.
Engineered by
Ron Schreier
Mark Knobel
Additional Recording and ProTools Consultant
Mastered by
Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NY, NY
Cover concept and photo-illustrationsby Tessa Frookto Gordon; detail from the Sylvia Hotel, Vancouver, B.C.
Other Photos
by Cathleen Joyce
by Joanna Bodenweber
by Scott Alarik
Artist Wheeler, Cheryl
Title Sylvia Hotel
Date 1999
Label Rounder
Cat # 1212
Track Title Time Artist
1 His Hometown 4:04
2 But the Days and Nights Are Long 3:23
3 If It Were Up to Me 3:08
4 Right Way to Do the Wrong Thing 3:44
5 All the Live Long Day 3:47
6 Sylvia Hotel 3:20
7 Unworthy 3:21
8 Rainy Road Into Atlanta 3:56
9 Lighting Up the Mighty Mississippi 2:58
10 Potato 2:55
11 Meow 2:57
12 Who Am I Foolin'? 3:50
13 Bank, The